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July 19th, 2007

Best practice in modern enterprise and services must be based on thorough understanding of the conditions, circumstances and implications of the wider socio-economic environment. Evidence shows that many companies fail to invest in research – yet such investment is vital to ensure competitive positioning. In the area of social exclusion where ULS operates, there are significant gaps in the research capacity of many agencies. ULS works collaboratively with agencies, private companies and universities to articulate a professional research agenda focused and relevant to client needs. Our experience combines academic rigour with user-friendly applicability to ensure decision-making, analysis and strategic planning based on qualitative findings.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Assessment
  • Disability
  • Innovative Pedagogies
  • Rehabilitation
  • Distance learning
  • Occupational analysis
  • Learning outcomes
  • Job standards
  • Labour market conditions
  • Communications
  • Employment creation
  • Anti-poverty strategies
  • Interculturalism and equality



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