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About Universal Learning Systems

ULS is a dynamic international company designed to give your organization the skills, structures, linkages and capacity to respond to a changing environment.

Competent and versatile people are the key to high quality performance in today’s constantly evolving conditions. Rapid technological and economic change has challenged traditional work practices and overturned outmoded systems.

ULS works with clients individually to identify opportunities and achieve success in their strategic objectives.

ULS emerges from the Irish experience of change. Ireland, for long outside mainstream European experience, has gone from an underdeveloped agricultural base to one of the fastest growing economies in Europe in the space of 25 years. An essential element in the growth of the Irish economy has been significant investment in workforce skills and innovative learning.

ULS has extensive experience of training and consultancy with:

  • The European Commission
  • EU Phare Programmes
  • Government Departments
  • Private Enterprise
  • Voluntary and Community Agencies
  • Training Bodies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Universities
  • Transnational Partnership Networks

ULS offers customized programs in:

Organization Development

  • Management of Change
  • Project Management
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance

Staff Development

  • Identification of Training Needs
  • Training Design and Delivery
  • Capacity Building
  • Distance Learning
  • Post-conflict Resolution Training
  • Management of Diversity

Employment Creation

  • SME Development
  • Innovative project design
  • International networking
  • Local networking
  • Sustainable community development
  • Employer-based training

Basing its work on the principle of acting locally while thinking globally, ULS prioritizes innovation and creativity in addressing our customers’ development and learning needs.



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