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March 21st, 2012

The Open Discovery Space Project aims to implement innovative Educational Practices and a Portal for school communities highlighting the best practices of users and communities that will facilitate the modernization of school education through the effective use of eLearning resources in the classroom. Through the creative use of new technologies, effective content organization, and learning processes that respect local school problems, Open Discovery Space will attempt to address the challenge of the “social appropriation of knowledge” by empowering all school audiences (teachers, students and their parents, school leaders, curriculum developers, educational policy makers).  The project in short will be a very good opportunity for schools and educators engaged in ODS activities which will include elearning solutions, ICT tools and systems that will be shared within the ODS partnership. One of its great benefits is the huge network of schools, teachers and communities which will be formed. There’s a lot of diversity in the project consortium, and many of the partners have already developed extremely innovative and advanced (in the use of ICT) practices that have helped to identify and apply best practice and which can be extremely beneficial for other partners who become involved.


ODS is a major new innovative EU project funded under the Seventh Framework ICT-PCP program.  It comprises a consortium of 51 organizations throughout the EU. In Ireland Universal Learning Systems is part of the consortium. The project duration is three years (2012-15).

The involvement of Universal Learning Systems (ULS) in the Open Discovery Space project (ODS) is around key activities and inputs. This part of the project’s key focus is on schools and covers the following general objectives:
1. Implementing the ODS model in participating schools and allied bodies
2. Undertaking initial research
3. Diagnosing issues and key challenges
4. Driving change
5. Convincing stakeholders
6. Developing working models and demonstrations
7. Defining best practice alternatives and approaches for stakeholders
8. Providing requisite training.
A unique feature of the ULS contribution is that it will be developed and implemented in three national environments where ULS has a track record and expertise:
1. Ireland
2. Netherlands
3. Finland.
In addition, ULS has a lengthy record of successful EU project engagement in many different strands and functions. ULS has a series of well-developed contacts, networks and associates who are highly experienced in project management, evaluation and development of sustainable deliverables.




July 19th, 2007
  • Schizophrenia Ireland: research and evaluation report, Needs Identification and Service Provision: Social Exclusion and Mental Illness (November 2000).
  • SI Service Evaluation/Strategic Plan
  • Waterford Crystal: management, development and evaluation of various social inclusion projects under various EU programmes: Employment-Horizon (CODE), Adapt (Voltaire) and Leonardo da Vinci (Sesame; Wicca; Prospero) programmes.
  • Authorship of Waterford Crystal’s Communications Strategy, Informing a Competitive, Customer Focused Organization (June 2003).
  • Centre for Independent Living: research and writing of strategic evaluation report, Independent Living: towards the new millennium (April 2000).
  • Waterford Corporation (2000-2001): facilitation and group work for Waterford Area Partnership and Ballybeg Forum.
  • Lavanagh Centre (1998-2000): evaluation report on Enable II Employment Horizon project.
  • Irish Institute of Training and Development (1999-2001): education policy review for trainer development (in association with FAS and NUI Galway).
  • FAS (2000-2001): evaluation of Disability Awareness training for staff. Research and writing of report: Assessment and Needs Identification for Social Inclusion.
  • Disability Support Service, University College Cork (1999-2000): evaluation report on Building on Success EU Horizon project.
  • DSS, UCC, Feasibility Study for a Disability Research Institute (in association with the Higher Education Authority) 2003
  • Southern Health Board (1999-2001): development and evaluation of Social Empowerment-Enterprise Development training project (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • SEHB management inputs
  • University College Cork (1999-2001): development and co-ordination of Diploma in Professional Studies: Managing Diversity.
  • Tipperary Community Workshop (1997-1999): strategic review and evaluation.
  • County Wexford Community Workshop, New Ross
  • Disability Federation of Ireland: research and authorship, European Funding and Resources – a developmental guide (March 2000).
  • Galway City Partnership (2001): project evaluation for mental health sector under Culture 2000 programme.
  • Canal Communities Partnership: research and authorship, Needs Analysis: People with Disabilities (April 2002).
  • Irish Wheelchair Association (2001-03), Strategic Review and Planning Consultancy.
  • FAS/Canal Communities Partnership: Review of the CE Scheme in the Canal Communities Area (March 2003)
  • Tipperary Institute, Social Inclusion and Educational provision
  • NUI Galway, Foundation Diploma in Equality and Diversity
  • Cheshire Ireland, Foundation Training
  • Galway City Partnership, Culture 2000
  • Chambers of Commerce of Ireland, Age and Diversity training programs 2003
  • Azzurri
  • Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum
  • Waterford Area Partnership
  • Red Kettle Theatre Company
  • Waterford Healing Arts Trust
  • Irish Council of People with Disabilities
  • Delta Carlow
  • Enable Ireland. BOOST
  • Kilkenny Community Action Network, Disability Awareness Training
  • North Eastern Health Board, St Davnet’s Training Centre, Monaghan Disability Services Review 1998
  • Skillnets
  • Westmeath Equal Development
  • Waterford Community Network
  • Equality Authority
  • Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland
  • African Solidarity Centre, Dublin
  • Business in the Community Ireland


July 18th, 2007
  • Comune di Biella, Italy and IDP Barcelona: research partner on EU project, Combating Social Exclusion (2001).
  • DSIS, Ljubljana, Slovenia: partner in inclusion project for students with disabilities (2003)
  • Adulta, Helsinki, Finland: partner in adult learning initiatives and work-based learning (2003-2009)
  • Lappia Institute, Tornio, Finland: partner in cultural awareness program for technical instructors (2006-07)
  • FHTW Berlin: partner in work-based learning and education initiatives (2004-07)
  • EuroEd Foundation, Iasi, Romania: partner in adult education initiatives (2006-11)
  • Saxion University, Enschede, Netherlands: innovative learning and design partner (2007-08)
  • Westminster Adult Education Service, London, England: partner in adult learning (2006-11)
  • Platon School, Katerini, Greece: partner in second language teaching and innovative learning (2009-11)
  • University of Nicosia, Cyprus: partner in Educonlinux project (2009-10)
  • UPV/EHU, University of the Basque Country, Donostia/San Sebastian, Euzkadi/Spain: partner in the Creanova project (2008-11)


July 16th, 2007
  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals Miami 2001, San Diego 2002
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1997-2000): development, delivery and management of M.Sc. (Rehabilitation Counselling) in Ireland for Irish disability, counselling and community development specialists.
  • Disability Research Institute, Job Standards , 2002
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, research consultancy on job standards for Disability Research Institute (2001).
  • University of Wisconsin – Stout


July 14th, 2007
  • APSO, Honduras
  • Jarvenpaa Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, Finland
  • Adulta, Finaland
  • Vectorat, Paris
  • Dodecanese Association for People with Special Needs
  • Zoodoghos Pigi, Crete
  • IDP, Barcelona
  • Glaverbel, Teplice
  • Assista, Most
  • Na Pul Sesty, Praha
  • FHTW, Berlin
  • EEGA, Borne
  • Ellingham Employment Services, London
  • Enaip Toscana, Firenze
  • Anthropos, Bari
  • City Council, Kalmar, Sweden
  • Odense Social Services, Denmark
  • Ceforalp, Lyon
  • Inedi, Granada
  • University of Zilina, Slovakia,
  • Slovenian Association of Disabled Students, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • City Council, Larisa, Greec



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