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Engaging Difference

August 15th, 2008

Our report “Engaging Difference – the opportunity of diversity in a changing County Meath” was recently published. Click here to view a PDF copy of the report.

Waterford Crystal Past Publications

July 19th, 2007

Below are some cover graphics of publications we have worked on with Waterford Crystal.

Past Publications

July 19th, 2007

‘New Initiatives in Professional Development in Ireland’, IPR International Conference (Bratislava 1994).

‘Professional Development in Vocational Rehabilitation: innovative approaches in a challenging environment’, 6th European Regional Conference, Rehabilitation International (Budapest 1994). ‘Initiatives in the Training of Trainers’, Integra Transnational Conference (Turin 1994).

‘Développement de la réadaptation professionelle’ , in Besse A. and Bernath K. (eds), “Quelles chances sur le marché du travail?” (Lucerne 1996).

Strategic Review and Evaluation – Tipperary Community Workshop, SEHB, November 1997.

The Use of Videoconferencing in Healthcare Education: the case of the M. Sc. Degree in Rehabilitation Counselling from the University of Illinois to Irish based Students, HISI, Malahide, November 1998.

‘Technology, Training and Education: International Collaboration at the leading edge of professional qualification’, Arena, June 1999, pp. 9-14.

‘Postgraduate Training in Rehabilitation Counselling using ICT – a transatlantic case study’ , AAATE, Dusseldorf, November 1999.

European Funding and Resources – a developmental guide, DFI, Dublin, March 2000.

Independent Living – towards the new millennium, CIL, (Dublin 2000).

Building on Success – an evaluation, Disability Support Service UCC, Cork, April 2000.

Evaluation report – Disability Awareness Training, FAS, Dublin, July 2000.

European Perspectives on Disability and Social Inclusion, Disability Research Institute, University of Illinois, Chicago, November 2000.

Review and Assessment – Red Kettle Theatre Company, Waterford, December 2000.

Assessment and Needs identification – A Review of Best Practice, FAS, Dublin, February 2001.

Needs Identification and Service Provision: Social Exclusion and Mental Illness, Schizophrenia Ireland (Dublin 2001).

Equality, Diversity and the Emerging Europe, International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Miami, May 2001.

Social Empowerment – Enterprise Development: evaluation report, Southern Health Board, Leonardo da Vinci programme, Cork, July 2001.

BOOST Vocational Guidance and Assessment Programme: evaluation report, Enable Ireland, Cork, July 2001.

Social Inclusion and Educational Provision: a strategic report, Tipperary Institute, Thurles, September 2001.

Social Exclusion: Partnership and Community Approaches, ITER, Biella, October 2001.

Exploring Alternative Employment Options for People with Disabilities, UCC Disability Support Service, Cork, February 2002.

Learning with Europe, Waterford Crystal, March 2002.

Rehabilitation Policy and Strategy in the European Union, International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, San Diego, April 2002.

Needs Analysis: People with Disabilities, Canal Communities Partnership, Dublin, April 2002.

Training Systems Review – Disabled Drivers’ Association of Ireland, Ballindine, April 2002.

Distance Learning and Professional Development in Rehabilitation, EDEN Conference, Granada, June 2002.

Job Standards: a comparative international perspective, Disability Research Institute – University of Illinois (Champaign Urbana 2002).

International Aspects of Disability and Rehabilitation Policy, Louisiana State University, New Orleans, November 2002.

Managing Diversity: a conceptual framework, EU Equal Community Programme, Adaptability Thematic Network, Galway, January 2003.

Review of the Community Employment Scheme: Canal Communities Partnership Area, FAS/Canal Communities Partnership (April 2003).

Informing a Competitive, Customer Focused Organization, Waterford Crystal, May 2003.

New Approaches to Dimensions in Distance Learning: a successful consortium in the disability/rehabilitation field, EDEN Conference, Rhodes, June 2003.

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace, Foundation Diploma Module, National University of Ireland, Galway, September 2003.

Transcending Barriers: Diversity Management and Innovative Employer Strategies, Equal at Work Conference, Dublin, September 2003.

Labour Market Experiences of People with Disabilities, Equality Authority, Dublin, October 2003.

An International Consortium for the Development of rehabilitation professionals, NRA, Nashville, October 2003.

Strategic Review and Assessment – Waterford Community Network, Waterford, October 2003.

Strategic Plan, Irish Wheelchair Association, Dublin, December 2003.



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